We are dedicated Specialist Stone Advisors and fully Licensed Stonemasons committed to sourcing the globe for the best quality unique stone. We have built a three generation strong business on the back of excellent service and superb craftsmanship. We cater to all your Stone requirements from your Home to your Everlasting Home.


“Being part of 3 generations of stonemasons and advisors, I appreciate the fundamental desire to keep the memory of our loved ones alive.”

-Leeann Gardner Founder The Rockbroker

About Us

All Things Set in Stone

The Rockbroker is a Natural Stone business that now spans 3 generations. It evolved as a result of our passion for preserving the importance of family, of legacy and of tradition. From creating family homes to everlasting homes we ensure your memory and legacy endures in the form of timeless monuments.

We cater to all religious and all cultural identity needs and appreciate the diversity of our clients. Our dedicated Specialist Stone Advisors and fully Licensed Stonemasons are committed to excellent service and superb craftsmanship.

We create one-of-a-kind monuments and plaques that reflect the unique personality of each of our clients. Let us create your everlasting memorial for future generations to remember.

A family of Master Craftsmen and Licensed Stonemasons with an exceptional team dedicated to excellent work to make your legacy a reality.

Our Services

Let Your Memories Be For All Eternity

  • Design Services
  • Licensed & Insured Stonemasons
  • Full Installation Services
  • Personal Service
  • For Loved Ones including your Pets
  • Full Engraving Services
  • Copywriting
  • Vases Relics and Ornamentals
  • Ceramic Portraits

The oldest grave in the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague. Avigdor Kara was buried here in 1439. Let your memories be for all Eternity.

White Marble





Engraving & Gold Leaf

Our Master Craftsmen excel at Engraving and Gold or Silver Leaf.
Let our experienced copywriters help you with composing your personalised message and select the fonts and finishes.

How We Started

First Generation - Dad

Fahd literally started off the back of a truck selling marble in the 60’s then founded Marble & Granite Art in the 70’s with a showroom in Edgecliff and factory at Blacktown. His passion and dedication quickly built his reputation as one of Sydneys finest Stonemasons. His relationship with clients span several decades, with the highlights of his career including Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum and homes of Aussie legends John Symond, Paul Hogan and owners of Sydneys finest properties.

Second Generation - Me

Founder of The Rockbroker and co-founder of Marble & Granite Art in Edgecliff in 1990, Leeann is passionate about the enduring nature and beauty of natural stone.
The Rockbroker is a niche division of the original family stone business founded in the 70’s and is dedicated to continuing the family tradition.
Being a Graduate of the College of Fine ART, having a lifelong career as an interior stylist and designer and Stone Advisor Leeann is your absolute go to contact to discuss your needs, be it for your home or your everlasting home.

Third Generation - Son

George has spent many hours during school holiday time learning the trade and the craft from the best in the industry – his Grandfather Fahd and his Uncles.
Georges passion for stone began as a toddler where he would always insist on bringing home every pebble and rock he could fit in his pockets.
The next generation appears to be in good hands with several nephews now also joining the business and learning this timeless craft.

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